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Why start a new company?

If you have a genuine business idea, that means you have something valuable. If you have some experience with your idea, that means you might start a new company. In sum, you know the word: There is no try. You should start it or not, and that’s why I am here.

Fellowship of the Ideas.

That’s the way I like to describe my role in your new business. In fact, your new business is your new story and the first scene of that story is introducing ourselves: I am an Investment Freelancer, who works for people who are willing to start a new business with a fresh idea.

Business Development

Turning a bright idea into an operating business is a different business as itself and making a solid business plan is the first thing you have to do before the ignition.

A mature business plan must answer all essential questions about your startup, such as market demand, pricing, competition and a revenue model. Certainly, we can up to this as it should be.

Investor Management

Actually, your investor is not your boss. You and your talented colleagues are the creative and productive force to your investor’s assets. So you should establish a managerial relationship with your investor to reach your goals, mutually.

This relationship should be based on goal setting, regular status sharing and occasionaly inspirational meetings.

Revenue Modelling

If you have a startup, you could have two options to survive in the ocean: User growth or revenue generation models. If your services or products need to be growth in revenue generation model, you must set your milestones and goals to sustain your growth in the market.

The first thing is to choose the right model and then operate with it.

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