Meet with your new start-up business fellow

To handle all the 'business' issues about your killer idea.

Galeactis is an agile business-fellow to your start-up.

Turning a brand-new idea into an operating business is quite hard — and something you might not be like as much as your products and services that make life easier. No problem, you have a fellow to handle all the business topics such as business planning, financial modelling, investor relations and market analysis.

Galeactis also plans and manages all your business transformation process, too. Some of those are expanding into new markets, introduce new monetization models and getting a new brand identity.

Business Development, Revenue Modelling and Investor Management Consulting.

Brand Identity, Marketing Communications and Market Research Consulting.

Financial Modelling, Profitability Analysis and Budget Planning Consulting.

Just focus on your brilliant product and services

and leave the rest to the experts.

Turn your ideas into an operating business?

Sounds good. So, let's talk about it. Discover the services